Why ANOVA and Linear Regression are the Same

See also Part 2: How Linear Regression and Two-Way ANOVA are the same


  • Giant thanks to Chris Peters (@statwonk) for reviewing the draft before posting!

  • THIS POST WAS CREATED BY EMBEDDING AN HTML FILE, created in RStudio by knitting an Rmd to HTML, into this post using iframe src with width and height specified. The URL for the src is the full URL from uploading the rendered HTML to the WordPress Media Library.

  • This is great. It’s how I’ve thought about it and never took the time to articulate it this way for others. Nicely done!!
    I think the initial charts would be a little more intuitive for readers if they were ordered properly by improving them alphabetically. g02 vs g2 and g07 vs g7 would allow g19 to be on the right and the set to be ordered properly in the box plot and other output.

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