1) I’m the Book Review Editor for the Quality Management Journal. Four times a year, we publish reviews of academic and practitioner books that might be useful to quality managers. If you have any books you would like to review (or have books for our team to review), please contact me. We’d be happy to have your help!


2) If you would like to order any of my printed books in bulk (20+ copies), please contact me by email so I can arrange bulk discounts.

Simulation for Data Science With R (Coming in March 2016!!)

Statistics (The Easier Way) in R (April 2015)

WITH R! (April 2015)

Print Version from Amazon (536 pp, $39.95)

Print Version from Amazon UK (£26.88)
Print Version from CreateSpace (use Discount Code 6PGXQ3DN for $5 off)
Get the PDF eBook via PayPal ($20)
What makes this book unique?
** READ THE PREVIEW (first ~100 pp) **


Like my R resources? (For example, this one on power analysis?) Want to learn more introductory applied statistics, in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have forks being forcefully stuck into your skull? You’re in luck… about 530 pages of them are out now, kindly test-driven by a few semesters of my students. (The pages, not the forks.)


Politically Incorrect Secrets for Getting Through College (January 2012, 2nd ed)


I was going to call this book COLLEGE SUCKS: AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT when I realized that college doesn’t suck, and the point of this book is to help frustrated students realize this.

Professors: Contact me by email if you’d like to arrange bulk discounts for 20 or more copies for your staff or students. Potential Student Affiliates: If you think this information is valuable and you’d like to promote the book on your campus, each referral earns 50%.

Disconnected: Technology Addiction & the Search for Authenticity in Virtual Life (August 2010)

Are you (or someone you know) hooked into social media so much that it’s unhealthy? In 2010, I was too, and it was really wrecking my productivity. I fixed it by getting offline for 42 days and exploring the psychological craziness that ensued. It kind of reads now like an antiquated history piece… the daily technologies I was worried about are not the ones I deal with most now! I wonder what this kind of book would have looked like in the past… a woman of the 1880’s is crushed when the Pony Express no longer serves her town? And she resorts to letter writing knowing full well that those letters will never be delivered? Fortunately, I’m happy to report that I’m no longer addicted to technology. (It’s definitely a codependent relationship, but I can be away from it now without pain. Anxiety, oh yeah… but pain, no. That’s progress.)

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