I’m available for consulting engagements full time between May 15 and August 15, and during December, and part time other times during the year. Send me an email (firstname dot lastname at gmail) if you’d like support in the areas of strategic quality management, launching great high-impact quality and process improvement projects, quality-related training, or exploratory data analysis for quality improvement (especially if you’d like me to apply machine learning or other advanced algorithms to the problem). My calendar fills up quickly, so the earlier in the year arrangements can be made, the better. I am willing to travel, especially if it’s to a place I really like (e.g. San Francisco, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota). I typically charge a weekly rate plus expenses, although shorter engagements can also be arranged.

I ALSO REALLY LIKE TEACHING PEOPLE STUFF. Especially applied statistics. If you need some help with Six Sigma training or mentorship, let me know.

On the other hand, if you have a giant pile of data that you’d like to mine through to identify opportunities for improvement, or you have an overall theme or issue that’s quality or productivity related (and you just don’t know where to begin), I can usually help. I also enjoy conducting customized training sessions in quality and process improvement, and the R statistical software applied to such problems.

I also have associates that I can engage if the problem is too big for just one person, and I enjoy launching student projects from my consulting engagements. Bringing me on as a temporary contractor, and helping me learn about your organization and its concerns, is a great way for you to get eventually get free labor from my student teams!

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