For 20 years, I’ve helped senior leaders and executives build data-driven management processes to exchange chaos for clarity, guarantee successful strategy execution, and yield 10-100x performance improvements.

Any consulting I do in 2021-2022 will be through Ultranauts, Inc. Email me at with your needs. Previous consulting projects include:

  • Organized strategic plan development and operations plan alignment to strategy for $10M-500M program
  • Improved alignment by helping organizations restructure processes, roles, and reporting relationships
  • Helped multiple operations teams develop a layered KPI/metrics scheme with clear lines of responsibility, regular reporting, and consensus development
  • Helped guide strategic $1-10M IT investments (high-level enterprise architecture, multi-criteria decision making, machine learning)
  • Built new competencies by creating and delivering custom courses for professionals on quality management and quality engineering topics, e.g. Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA/FMECA)
  • Built new competencies by creating and delivering custom data science courses (using RStudio) for business and disciplinary experts
  • Writing and/or ghostwriting custom research/marketing pieces on management, technology management, emerging technologies (e.g. blockchain), and Environment, Health & Safety, and Quality (EHSQ)

Here’s an example of a report I co-authored, edited, and designed the camera-ready PDF (for day job). Click to read full text.

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