About Nicole

Hi! I’m Nicole, a versatile fractional CxO (Product/Technology/Information) who helps companies grow from $10M to $100M. I am an author, keynote speaker, data scientist, Unicorn (92), casual meteorologist (PSU 95), and Burner (Tokyo sector).

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Professional Bio:

Nicole Radziwill is an Advisor to CXOs who want to scale their companies from $10M to $100M. Currently she is SVP and Chief Data Scientist at Ultranauts, a cognitively diverse professional services firm specializing in quality assurance and quality engineering for software, data science, and digital transformation. Previously, she was VP of the Global Quality & Supply Chain Practice at Intelex in Toronto, Ontario. She has 25 years of experience in software, telecom, manufacturing, aerospace/research instrumentation, and food & beverage industries, and spent 9 of those years in higher education as a (tenured) Associate Professor at James Madison University (JMU).

Nicole is also an Academician with the International Academy of Quality (IAQ), a Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Certified by ASQ as a Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), and an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB). She was Chair of the ASQ Software Division from 2009 to 2011, a national Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) in 2009, 2010, and 2019, and has a PhD in Technology Management and Quality Systems from Indiana State University. She also has an MBA and a BS degree in Meteorology from Penn State.

Nicole was recognized by Quality Progress in 2011 and 2016 as one of the 40 New Voices of Quality. She is one of ASQ’s Influential Voices bloggers and blogs at https://qualityandinnovation.wordpress.com. Her applied research solves practical problems for medium and large enterprises using data science and machine learning for improvement.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am a first-generation American, directly descended from Mikolaj (Nicolas) Faustyn Radziwill of Niasvizh (Belarus) and Mikolaj the Black. I have confirmed DNA connections through Pac, Romer, Tyszkiewicz, Rola, Morawski, Narbutt, Hempel/Hemple, Czaplicki, Nowakowski, Popiel, Pociej, Potocki, Radvila, Sollohub, Zakrzewska, Danielowicz/Danielevicius, Stankewicz/Stankevicius, Baranowski/Baranauskas descendants. Let me know if we might be cousins… I’m on most of the DNA genealogy sites, and can even provide assistance translating old German documents handwritten in Sutterlin. There are some non-paternal events in Radziwill lines that we are trying to track down (the three lines so far do not share mtDNA at Y-12). My East Prussian family came to the US from Königsberg in 1957 and 1969.

I also discovered that I’m exactly half Irish by DNA, which was a complete surprise, with all ancestors from Ballina, Crossmolina, and Killala. This side of the family came to the US in 1904 and 1911 and pretended to be German in their emigration docs. A certain US President is my 4th cousin once removed through his 2nd great-grandmother, Catherine Scanlon, whose daughter Genevieve married into the Gallaghers of Ballina.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is me spinning fire:


  • Ronald. A. Pulaski Dwight, Esq.

    Dear Ms. Radziwill:

    I am a friend of Princess Nicole Radziwill of Warsaw, Poland, widow of Prince Ferdinand Radziwill. Princess Nicole was advised of your webpage by another friend and asked me, because I live part of the year in Rhode Island, to contact you. She would like to know the names of your grandparents (presumably of her generation), etc. and to be sure you are included in Radziwill gatherings, funerals, etc. You may reach me either by the email address above or by calling me at 401 595 4119 (until Sept. when I return to Poland), or at my farm in Poland +48 89 513 9191. Yrs sincerely, Dr. R.A.P. Dwight

  • Are you a robot or human? Humans are not efficient and need goofing off to be happy and creative. Mistakes add to wisdom and make you humble.

    • Some periods in life I’ve been a robot… for the past few months I’ve been human. I agree that everyone needs to goof off, because it’s when you’re “in the void” – not thinking about anything – that the innovative ideas materialize.

  • hi this is not really a reply. but i needed a way to get in touch with you. i am a journalism student at Northeastern University and i need to do an assignment where I get an expert’s insight on a question. my question is can people become addicted to technology? if so what are the results. I saw you wrote a book related to the subject and thought you might be able to help. does this sound like something you can help me with. I just need a short phone interview sometime today. thanks, amanda

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  • I’ve loved everything of yours that I’ve read. May be re-blogging some things to get my blog started (www.qualityideasguy.com). Are you on twitter?

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  • How does one get the password for this article…??

    • Nicole Radziwill

      That’s actually just a draft! I made a mistake with the settings, and it’s showing up as visible right now. As soon as the Newsletter is vetted by the rest of the committee, it will be live on my blog AND not password protected 🙂

  • Hello Nicole.

    Awesome. That’s what I’ve got to say! I started my online journey today looking to see what possible courses I might be able to add to my CV. I’m a single parent and have been for some years and have held myself back for too many years with an appauling lack of confidence, not that the rest of the world would know it, but I do. Didn’t know what school was or why it was there but thats a whole other lifetime.

    I enjoy data, analysing and using it, finding the positive improvement in anything. I find I read behaviours well, i can see changes and how this will develop, where it leads, impacts and how to develop or avoid it. These are all things i’ve come to know in my adult life and where I should have been 20 years ago. My brain is on fire and some days it’s like i’m plugged into the universe but can’t speak the language.

    I stumbled accross your CSSBB advice page and love how you apply yourself. Out in the stars and down to earth in the same breath. It really does make me smile. It inspires me. I’ve started a higher level diploma this year, I have a job interview on Monday and i’m pushing myself for continuous improvement. I’m writing a book, building a website and trying to be the best dad I can.

    I wish there was a cafe at the end of my road where I could come and brainstorm, develop with like minded people. They have open mic sessions. Why cant we have community brainstorming and resource strategy meetings……? Oh here I go again. It never stops. New topic each week/month that is well advetised and people who think they have the experience or skills to impact turn up. Facilitator, note taker and admin, follow up actions, community projects. I’m going to have to stop and get me notepad, it’s nearly full!

    Thanks for existing, for being you and for growing. I love bewitched BTW!

    Best wishes all.


  • I’ve just read that back and with the interview it sounds like I’m not currently working. I have worked my way from the bottom to senior management in business and education, with no qualifications and I work hard at home or work every day. New ‘opportunity to grow’ interview on Thursday 🙂

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