Risk-Based Thinking: In ISO 9001 and Beyond (Interview)

On August 31, Quality Digest interviewed me on Quality Digest Live in advance of the webinar on Risk-Based Thinking that we held (sponsored by Intelex) on September 6. You can see it here on YouTube (13:42)! I answer the questions:

  • Is risk-based thinking different than enterprise risk management (ERM) or operations risk management (ORM)?
  • Who is risk-based thinking for?
  • Are there good and bad risks? Is opportunity really the “flip side” of risk?
  • Can focusing on risk inhibit innovation?

I’ll also be capturing the information from the webinar in a series of reports later this month that will be available to everyone. Stay tuned!


  • Thank you Nicole.

    Instead of imposing new ways of managing risk, seek first to understand how your organization already manages risk.

    This approach brings your colleagues into the development of their management system for realizing opportunities, encouraging innovation and delivering quality assurance instead of becoming risk averse.

    Being familiar with how your organization works as a system may also win the confidence of those second and third party auditors as they seek evidence of your risk based thinking.

    • Definitely a solid point, and one that’s easy to miss! I also strongly support your “be familiar” recommendation… I was involved in a review several years ago where the auditor stopped an engineer just to ask them about the process they used. “What do you mean, process?” they asked. This audit didn’t go over too well as you might imagine.

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