Cramming for Your Six Sigma Black Belt Exam?

Nervous about your Six Sigma exam?

Are you making last minute preparations for your ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam? If so, you’re probably reviewing your notes, hoping that you’re bringing all the right stuff in with you. When I passed my CSSBB on the first attempt, I found that I had GREAT notes with me, and I’d like to share them with you!!



The attached PDFs contain PRECISELY what I carried with me into the exam, along with a few books and a handful of good habits and good luck charms.

[IMPORTANT NOTE! As of April 20, 2015 I now have a NEW FAVORITE introductory statistics textbook… the one I’ve always dreamed of having, but it just never existed before. But today it does!! <3]

[Note: On February 9, 2015 I also added my Top 10 Statistics Topics for the CSSBB Exam to this blog]



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  • Pingback: How to Pass Your ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) Exam | Quality and Innovation

  • Nicole,
    Thank you for creating this site! I find your notes, advises, tips and suggestions extremely valuable. One correction I like to point out in your Radziwill_CSSBBNotes_1 PDF, Page 6, the formula should be r squared (coefficient of determination) = 1 – (SSE/SST).
    Thanks again!

  • Nicole,

    I have read your blog, and very much appreciated it. I will be taking my exam on Oct 3rd, 2015. You did mention that you used the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook, Second Edition as a reference book. I am using that as well, in addition to the primer as everybody does. I got my certified six sigma black belt book 2nd edition (Kubiak Benbow) and I am missing a page on 110, Part V Measure, the bottom portion Fig 20.9 is all messed up during printing. Would it be possible for you to scan that page and email me I’d really appreciate it.


  • Amazing article Nicole!! On your second PDF file, where did you acquire the images for the assumptions page on the last page of the PDF. Unfortunately it isn’t legible. Thanks, Steve

    • Hi Steven… looking into it! My notes are from several years ago now but I’m working on new book chapters for an early summer release. It’s got to be on my desk *somewhere*. Stay tuned.

      • Hi Nicole,
        Thank you for the info! I am wondering if you ever had a chance to find the last page of Radziwill_CSSBBNotes_2. Can you please send that to me?

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