I’ve Converted to OrderTopianism

Yesterday was really a fantastic day for me. In addition to starting it off right with a total solar eclipse at 2:11am ET, January 15th will go down in history as the first time I placed an order using OrderTopia. It will definitely not be the last time!

OrderTopia is a social, cloud-based ordering system that integrates directly into the point-of-sale (POS) systems at local merchants (such as restaurants). You place an order online, or with your mobile device, and the OrderTopia system automatically processes your payment and contacts the right people at the right places in the kitchen to construct your meal order.

The process improvement benefits are evident on both the customer and the merchant sides. As a customer, I don’t have to wait in line any more or keep giving out my credit card information – OrderTopia already has it as part of my account. I just walk into the restaurant at the time I said I’d pick up my order, and it’s there, ready for me to go. On the merchant side, all data quality issues between the time you place your order and the time it’s fulfilled (for example, the cashier misinterpreting what you say, or typing it wrong into the POS system) are erased. By eliminating those steps from the process of fulfilling your order, the path through the system is also shortened.

I can also sense that OrderTopia will improve my quality of life in the future. I won’t be spending valuable minutes waiting in line for lunch — nor will I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I should order — I’ll just be clicking on a “favorite lunch” option on my Droid, specifying the time I want to pick it up, and then showing up to get my lunch. It will be like having a personal assistant, only it will be OrderTopia. I’ll be able to see what lunches my friends have ordered around town, find out who likes what, and track what I’ve eaten too. In the future, I’ll never worry about how long the line is at one of my favorite lunch places… or whether I’m going to miss out on Eppie’s Wednesday tamales because I showed up too late… OrderTopia will take care of it!

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