Disciplined Creative Time

I think every blog has at least one post that says “sorry I haven’t posted in a while.”

Today is that day for me. I started professor-ing in August and have been on the Manager’s Schedule (huh? what does that mean? — see http://atomic-temporary-5081318.wpcomstaging.com/2009/08/14/makers-meeting-managers-meeting) ever since. By the time I get to Maker’s time, which is where I think about the things I see in journals and newspapers, I’ve been pretty worn out. I realized that effectively managing your Manager’s time is the key to getting Maker’s time. If there’s too much physical time or physical energy wrapped up in the Manager’s Schedule, just stop right there – don’t even plan to get any creative work done. When you sit down for your “planned Maker’s time”, if your body is weary, your soul is just going to want to sip on coffee and surf the net.

I will need to take a much more disciplined approach to my creative time if I’m going to produce any useful output. (Valdis, that means MoC!)

One comment

  • Absolutely true. It is extremely taxing to continue to mentally grapple with items one is clearly ill-equipped to grapple with. I think of this often as I recognize I don’t necessarily rest when I sleep; I solve problems.

    Even the most well-engineered, quality built bridge will succumb to the elements if the elements exceed the specifications for tolerance of the structure. Humans, unfortunately, are no different.

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