Course Materials for Statistics (The Easier Way) With R

very-quick-cover-outlineAre you an instructor with a Spring 2016 intro to statistics course coming up… and yet you haven’t started preparing? If so, I have a potential solution for you to consider. The materials (lecture slides, in-class practice problems in R, exams, syllabus) go with my book and are about 85% compiled, but good enough to get a course started this week (I will be finishing the collection by mid-January).
There is also a 36MB .zip file if you would like to download the materials.
Whether you will be using them or just considering them, please fill in the Google Form at so I can keep track of everyone and provide you with updates. Also, I want to make sure that I’m providing the materials to INSTRUCTORS (and not students), so please use the email account from your institution when you sign up. Once I get your contact information, I will email you the link to the materials.
If you would like permission to edit the materials, I can do that as well — I know a couple of you have expressed that you would like to add to the collection (e.g translate them to another language). If you see any issues or errors, please either fix and/or email to tell me to fix!
Thanks for your interest and participation! Also, Happy New Year!

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