Give and Take: Adam Grant, the Revolution of Gifting, & Quality Consciousness

doug-who-is-god-virtual-space(Image Credit: Doug Buckley of

For the past few years I’ve been promoting the idea of quality consciousness — that is, that you can DO BETTER by BEING BETTER. Since quality can be viewed as excellence in being, you can improve your quality consciousness by improving awareness, alignment, and attention. More recently, I’ve been focusing on how embracing your unique gifts and finding ways to be an innovator by bringing your gifts into the world contributes to alignment.

In April, Wharton professor Adam Grant is releasing “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success” — and I am SO excited, I can barely stand it. Why? Because Adam’s research has made the link between freely giving of yourself and success. And based on the awesomeness of his insights linking creativity to motivation within a social context, I’m thrilled that his next book deals with gifting. (However, I do hope that it takes a different approach than yesterday’s post at Forbes on The 21 Principles of Persuasion, which argues that gifting is good because it compels people to give stuff to you.)

Now, don’t be fooled by this whole “professor” thing and what it might mean about the readability of his book. Sure, he teaches at a top tier university, and has a wildly intense professional record of publications to go along with his title. But he’s also the youngest tenured professor they have, and at 31, he’s also spent career time as a professional magician.

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