dragons in my glass

Can’t find the original citation for this resource… if you have it, please contact me and let me know so I can provide appropriate attribution.


  • Thats a good one!! Haha

  • Whoa… There’s all kinds of stuff in that glass.

    Whose viewpoint would this be: “The glass is twice as big as it should be”?

    I wish you would explain more about why this appealed to you or what it made you think, how it affected or changed you, if it did, and so on.

    I like your creative bridge(s), though, for sure. Ahhhh… Atari… (sigh) precious memories 🙂 Smiley face overload or not… That one’s gettin’ a smiley face.

    • Excuse me; I hadn’t read the homepage completely yet. The fact that your latest dragons are in the form of the Burning Mind Project explains a lot.

      If you’ve got any other comments about this particular photo or that time in your life or anything like that, it would be very interesting to hear, also, though. Personalities such as yours are, indeed, a rarity in my neck of the necks.

      I’ve got dragons, too.

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