What is Technology Management?

Technology management is the combination of science, engineering and management knowledge and practice, with technology as the central means of wealth and value creation. (Khalil, 2000) This definition can nicely coexist with any of the historical definitions of management covered in a previous post.

Kearns et al. (2005) has attempted to make the connections between general management and technology management more explicit, by developing a model to describe the spheres of influence of the technology manager. The “Six Facets Model” illustrates that technology management is an integrative, multidisciplinary field, focused on effective problem solving:

  • Product and Process Integration through systems thinking, quality management system development, and benchmarking (for example)
  • Evaluation (at the organizational, technical and personal levels)
  • Planning (including strategic plans, work plans, and environmental assessment)
  • Implementation of quality systems, documentation systems, organizational processes, software, project execution, project planning and control
  • Change Management involving both management and leadership of change
  • Training and Engagement to cultivate individual and organizational capabilities, and promote workforce development

Additionally, in all of these areas, technology managers must remember that communications and networking have been identified as important mechanisms for actively implementing change.

There are also alternatives to the Kearns Six Facet Model that you can read about here.

Kearns, M.B. et al. (2005). The six facets model: technology management in the effective implementation of change. International Journal of Innovation & Technology Management, 2, 77-100.
Khalil, T. (2000). Management of technology: competitiveness and wealth creation.

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