Although these issues were taken care of early in the printing and distribution process of Statistics (The Easier Way) With R, you may still have a copy with the following errors or omissions:

Page Issue
47-50 Google Docs changes OFTEN and so your mileage may vary when you use the code in this section. When changes occur, I’ve found that my best source for help are Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange.
166 In the second row (right hand column) of the table describing sample statistics and population parameters, the description should say population and not sample.
193 The forms of the null and alternative hypotheses should be as stated on Page 372, with H0: p1 – p2 = p0 and Ha: p1 – p2 as either greater than, less than, or not equal to p0.
318 & 333 The RCurl code may load in the wrong dataset. The examples should use the beer-foam.csv file:

> library(RCurl)
> url <- "
> foam <- getURL(url,ssl.verifypeer=FALSE)
> <- read.csv(text=foam,header=T)
345 The code to generate r.s, the random sample of temperatures, was inserted:

> r.s <- comp.temps[sample(nrow(comp.temps), 30),]
429 End of first full bullet point should read: “Coincidentally, this squared value also represents the area of the square that forms when you make one out of the residual (see p. 430 for a picture).”
472 You need to specify the degrees of freedom when using




, e.g.


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