Burning Mind Project

The Burning Mind Project was established by me and my partner/co-catalyst Morgan C. Benton in 2012 to explore how the 10 Principles of Burning Man can be applied to transform education. We believe that the educational process is all about finding your gifts, identifying with them, developing them, and learning how to share them. It’s a recipe for catalyzing social innovation.

The 10 Principles provide a core value system that embraces the essence of Deming’s 14 Points in the context and spirit of radical, socially responsible innovation. “By reframing technological work as a species of artistic creativity, by restating its goals as those of community building rather than profit-seeking,” Turner (2009) argues that a sense of social value can be restored, enhancing contributors’ joy of work and pride in workmanship. This underscores Deming’s position that “The 14 Points all have one aim: to make it possible for people to work with joy.”

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